Southeast Asia

Tensor Group, Inc., a leading single width web press manufacturer, announced the appointment of a sales representative organization for previously unserved markets of Spain and Portugal. Depog, headed by Miguel Mendes in São Marcos, Portugal, will cover this territory, effective immediately.

X-Rite, Incorporated, a leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, announced it has appointed Dr. Iris Mangelschots, President for the Asia Pacific Region.

Group norms are adopted to regulate actions and represent value judgments about appropriate behavior in social situations. Although these informal rules are rarely written down or discussed, they have a powerful influence on group conduct. If each individual in a group decided how to behave in each interaction, no one’s reaction would be predictable and chaos would reign. Understanding how group norms develop and why they are enforced is important to managers, as they are signs of a group’s potential productivity. Managers can play a part in setting and changing norms by implementing them to facilitate tasks, assessing whether a group’s current norms

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