Western Europe

New York-based Mimeo, a leading online printing and content distribution solutions company, announced that Adam Slutsky has decided to step down asĀ chief executive officer.

Online printing used to be for the few, the wealthy, the proud. But, because it's gotten less expensive it has opened the door for others, the little guys, to get into the game.

Appleton, Appleton, Wis., has acquired BemroseBooth, a provider of secure printing services based in Derby, England. For approximately $60 million, Appleton has purchased all shares of Bemrose Group Limited. "The company's location, customer base, experienced management team and market leadership positions make BemroseBooth a strong platform from which to grow our security business," Appleton's CEO Doug Buth said in a press release. Buth also noted that this acquisition will give Appleton instant access to security product markets in the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Employing nearly 850 people at manufacturing sites throughout England, BemroseBooth's sales revenue for 2003 is estimated to be approximately $100 million. This

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