Print+Promo 2020: 13 Women to Watch in the Print and Promo Sector

The world looked quite different just a few short months ago. The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced us to grieve lost routines, social connections, family structure and our sense of security. Unemployment is higher than it has been since the Great Depression. There are too many questions without answers. But one thing is certain: self-confidence, decisiveness and a caring attitude will get you far in the business world.

Need proof? Just look at Print+Promo’s seventh annual “Women in Print and Promo” feature. Not only are this year’s group of nominees rewriting the narrative of female representation in a traditionally male-dominated industry, they are finding ways to overcome what is set to be an economic calamity unseen during our lifetime.

As readers will note here, the 2020 list highlights women of varying professional backgrounds—from sales managers to CEOs. Their love of customer service is just one of many things that unite them. Read on for an introspective look into what print and promo mean to these professionals.