Print+Promo 2020: Under 40

Setting the stage for the next generation

By Elise Hacking Carr

The print and promotional industry is rich in history, filled with tales of old-world craftsmanship from long-standing companies. In spite of this, commentary from industry outsiders has elicited outbursts of concern. Particularly, will these communication channels and branding tools still be relevant even in the short-term? Those of us with a front-row seat know that the death of print has been greatly exaggerated. But then there’s print’s age problem—and critical rumblings on the matter are getting louder. Who will run the presses? Who will assume leadership as baby boomers near retirement age? Who will strike the delicate balance between new technology and the old-school faithful? Print+Promo’s Under 40 honorees are a good starting point. Though these 14 individuals hail from varying backgrounds, they are united in their love for the trade. Get to know these rising stars better here