Barton Goldsmith

Every now and then, life can be too overwhelming. Perhaps you've worked for two weeks straight without a day off, or there is so much to do. Between keeping up with the kids and maintaining the house, you haven't had a minute to yourself. Yes, no matter our station in life, we all have jobs and responsibilities. And we should be grateful for them.

Emotional support is a crucial part of a motivated and focused team. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but having the desire and ability to be supportive of your team members is far more important than doing it exactly right.

According to legend, ancient rug makers wove intentional flaws into their carpets to remind people of their human nature, reinforcing the notion that perfection belongs to a higher power. If only we could remember that basic truth when our teammates upset us. How many times have we lost our tempers when coworkers made errors—perhaps similar to ones we have made in the past? Mistakes do happen, so it seems only natural to be understanding. Furthermore, everyone should maintain boundaries to keep themselves and their companies safe. Having boundaries also keeps individuals from overreacting when encountering conflict in the workplace. It’s not that mistakes should be

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