Bill Clinton

To assist in the relief efforts after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, GPA Specialty Substrate Solutions employees generously pulled together to make a $5,000 donation. All employee contributions were matched by GPA as part of the company's ongoing philanthropic focus.

The theft of U.S. trade secrets was costing American companies billions of dollars a year in lost sales when President Bill Clinton signed the Economic Espionage Act into law on Oct. 11, 1996. Although theft of proprietary data and products has been designated a federal criminal offense, it occurs every day, according to John C. Smith, president of the John C. Smith Group High Technology Investigations & Security Consulting of Silicon Valley and Roseville, Calif. For eight years, Smith served as the senior criminal investigator for the high technology theft/computer crime unit in the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, working high-technology crime in

1996, Bill Clinton was re-elected president, the economy was... ...solid and Madeleine Albright became the United States' first female Secretary of State. Compact discs were the optimum in sound quality and data storage. Labels crept their way into Business Forms & Systems Magazine, creating the BFL&S of today. And, mass numbers of pentium chip-powered PC's and laser printers made their way into homes and businesses, paving the road to the World Wide Web. With only a few years remaining in the 20th century, the mystery surrounding the new millennium intensified. People anticipated big changes, but the details of those changes were uncertain. However, the

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