Vincent Mallardi, C.M.C., is a the chairman of the Printing Brokerage/Buyers Association International (PBBA) and is a Certified Management Consultant in the paper, printing and converting industries. He is also an adjunct professor in economics. Contact him via email at vince@pbba.org

Since the Beginning, two types of salespeople have roamed the earth—those who take orders and those who make them. The serpent that sold Adam the apple was not a commodities trader, nor was Ezekiel with his wheel, Noah with the Ark or Jacob with his ladder. These characters were professionals in conveying unique propositions and closing the deal. Why then, countless generations later, do so many schlep instead of sell? Most everything, including apples, wheels, arks and ladders, are priced down-to-earth cheap instead of to-heavenly-heights value. Print, in this common era of insidious reverse auctions and at-the-margin price propositioning on the Web, is in

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