Nichole Stella

Nichole Stella is group president/publishing director of Promo Marketing Media Group, which consists of Print+Promo, Promo Marketing and NonProfitPro.

Promo Marketing Media Group, the parent group of Print+Promo and Promo Marketing magazines, has announced the launch of ProMark Agency Division (ProMark AD), the company’s new agency-style marketing and advertising unit...

I was sitting in a meeting the other day. We were discussing a potential new launch, how we would bring it to market, who the audience would be, how the project would be monetized, who the key team members were, etc.

OK, so, I still watch Grey's Anatomy. After countless break-room romances, plane crashes, ferry accidents, marriages and divorces, I'm still hooked. Between all of the melodrama, I find there is still a message that will get me thinking.

With one of the harshest winters on record coming close to an end-we East Coasters can only hope-the economy has felt the sting of the weekly snow and ice storm hits.

Print+Promo, the leading source of business strategies for distributor sales professionals, today announced the appointment of Nichole Stella as group president/publishing director, Kyle Richardson as editor-in-chief and Elise Hacking Carr as executive editor.

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