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In case you haven't heard, digital print is an expanding sector—and if you're not selling it, now's the time to start. Within the next three years, it's expected to consume 20.6 percent of the print market and rake in $187.7 billion, according to the Smithers Pira study, "The Future of Offset vs. Digital Printing to 2018."

Love it, hate it, or hate it so much it's like nails-on-a-chalkboard-as-performed-by-third-graders-hyped-on-Pepsi, studying is still important. It's how you fix your mistakes, improve your strengths, and most importantly, move past your peers and become the successful teacher's pet that everyone envies...

At first glance, the print industry and the music industry don't have much in common. One primarily deals in assorted paper products. The other deals in Justin Bieber. Draw up a Venn diagram for that, and it would be two freestanding circles separated by three page-lengths of empty space.

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