Steve Jobs

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The exchange took place at a Silicon Valley dinner party, a 2011 gathering of top U.S. technology executives. Official White House photos of the event depict a cozy atmosphere: warm lighting, attendees mid-toast, glasses of white wine in hand, jackets draped over the backs of chairs.

The Onion, an American news satire organization, didn't miss its opportunity to comment on the recent resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the new iPad2. It was exciting to see the new upgrades that are available on the device (and I can tell you from personal experience the iPad ROCKS, so it is safe to say the new iPad2 REALLY ROCKS). But more than the new bells and whistles, it was really exciting to see Steve Jobs at the helm. Back at least for the day from medical leave, Jobs was seemingly undeterred by his own personal circumstance, donning his infamous black turtleneck and jeans, smiling and proud he is the undeniable and fearless leader of the Apple tribe.

Headquartered in Elgin, Ill., Continental Datalabel president Tim Flynn's fascination with the printing industry started, interestingly enough, while students were taking a spin on the dance floor.

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