Thomas J. Garland

Thomas J. Garland has resigned as president and CEO of Philadelphia-based PaperWorks Industries, Inc. As the company’s first fulltime chief executive, Garland provided the company with leadership through its growth phase from shortly after its founding in late 2008 to the present.

With a near-doubling of the company in January, an increased Web presence for Philadelphia-based PaperWorks was inevitable. Company CEO Thomas J. Garland unveiled the company’s new site, featuring a number of useful tools and detailed information on the company’s 18 facilities.

Philadelphia-based PaperWorks Industries announced Sun Capital Partners has acquired Rosmar Packaging Corporation. The newly acquired company soon will be integrated into PaperWorks, an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners.

PaperWorks Industries, Inc. announced that Manchester Industries, a major North American converting company, has been acquired by Sun Capital Partners. Manchester ultimately will be merged into PaperWorks, itself an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners.

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