Tommy Gillis

Print is dead. At least, that’s what digital diehards want you to believe. It’s a tired narrative that media outlets have been quick to recycle for the better part of a decade. Sure, it began as a legitimate concern with the adoption of electronic health record technology, the struggles of print newspapers and, well, the United States Postal Service...

Checks and financial documents: A steady, dependable line of business if you can get it, but also one that can be stressful and complicated due to everything from anti-fraud to overall speed of printing. Looking to take your financial document sales to the next level? See what some expert check and financial printers had to say below.

Tommy Gillis, senior partner and co-owner of Grand Prairie, Texas-based CFC Print Solutions, LLC, began his printing career as a plate maker at a computer services company in Georgia. He recalled, "I spent most of my time eating Snickers bars, drinking Mello Yello and studying in the plate room for my night classes at Georgia Southern University. I had no idea what a printing press was much less what an aluminum plate did!"

Printegra, headquartered in Peachtree City, Ga., recently acquired all sales dockets and existing customer lists for Tejas Graphics, a regional wholesale manufacturer located in Fort Worth, Texas. Formerly owned by Vincent Shilling, Tejas Graphics will now operate under the Printegra name from the company's Arlington, Texas, plant, located less than 20 miles from Fort Worth. Tejas customers can still use its original telephone number to place orders and will not encounter interrupted service. Printegra operates 10 plants in the United States that manufacture its core products--checks and forms. The company also manufactures pressure-seal mailers, integrated form cards and form labels, custom labels,

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