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First, I want to stress that we have no intention of abandoning our print roots. However, our research showed 77 percent of our readers are selling promotional products and more than half of you indicated that promotional products account for approximately 30 percent of your business or more. Therefore, we thought it was important to deliver accurate and smart information about this segment of your business as well. How can I assure you the information will be smart and accurate? For nearly a decade, our editorial team has produced a sister publication, Promo Marketing.

Print+Promo is designed to help you protect legacy print revenue, and expand and grow those new revenue streams. Topics include sales strategies, human resource issues and management development, to manufacturing, safety regulations and product trends. In addition to important industry news, articles and happenings, you are able to search through more than 300,000 products on our free product search tool to help you find and source just the right product for your client.

It is our goal that Print+Promo be the business strategy resource you come to again and again to expand your print distribution and promotional product business. We are excited to learn your thoughts, so please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail.


Nichole Stella

Nichole Stella

Nichole Stella
Editorial Director
Print + Promo