Print+Promo’s 2020 Under 40 Rising Stars Nominations

The lack of young talent in the print and promo space is often cited as one of the industry’s biggest issues. But we’re willing to bet that you work with these rising stars every day—the coworkers who go the extra smile and inspire us all to succeed.

That’s why Print+Promo is asking for your help in nominating these individuals for our annual “Print+Promo Under 40.” What their résumés lack in years, these under 40 candidates make up for with passion, skills and deep-seated principles. Marketing pros, press operators, business owners—members from all corners of the print and promo world are eligible for this honor.

We’ll profile the next wave of industry greats in our February issue and on

Submission Deadline: December 23, 2019

  • Nominate a Standout Under 40 Member of the Print and Promo Industry

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