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Arctic Jacket from Tri-Mountain.

Clear Sanitizer from SnugZ USA.

4-in-1 Beverage Buddy from Logomark.

Stainless Travel Mug from Vitronic Promotional Group.

Feeling the effects of the winter blues? A nice dose of acerbic wit will cure any mental ailments. Check out a few more of the latest promotional items below.

What’s 19 degrees Fahrenheit and is also the worst thing ever? If you said “today,” you win. Your prize is Tri-Mountain’s Arctic jacket, the only thing that can make going outside tolerable. Or you could take what’s behind door number 2. (It’s frostbite.) For more information, visit

And now, Print+Promo’s Flu Prevention Tips:

Step 1. Don’t get the flu.

This concludes Print+Promo’s Flu Prevention Tips. If you do contract the flu, please douse yourself in SnugZ USA’s Clear Sanitizer and stay very far away from me. Thank you. For more information, visit

Like your best friend, Logomark’s 4-in-1 Beverage Buddy has your back at the bar, no matter what you need: a bottle opener, a can tab lifter, a ballpoint pen or someone to say “We need to go, your cat is on fire” when the weird European guy at the bar angrily asks your opinion on cattle exchange rates. For more information, visit

Vitronic Promotional Group
“Oh, cool! I gotta give the Stainless Travel Mug from Vitronic Promotional Group a try,” I said, pouring coffee onto my lap. Turns out, my lap was not stainless. (These pants are ruined now.) For more information, visit

Kyle A. Richardson is the editorial director of Promo Marketing. He joined the company in 2006 brings more than a decade of publishing, marketing and media experience to the magazine. If you see him, buy him a drink.

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