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Recipe for Success: 4 Essential Ingredients to a Winning Sales Presentation

There’s that old cliché that, when you’re nervous about giving a presentation, you should picture the audience in their underwear. But guess what? There are a lot of elements to a successful sales presentation, and none of them involve imagined undergarments. Here, we’ll look at four of them to help you nail your next meeting and bring home the sale…

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Print+Promo Marketing 2021: Meet nine customer service professionals who keep the print and promo industry running

Customer trust is one of the most important factors in a brand’s long-term success — and exceptional service is the way to earn it. If we think about it, we are all in customer service, simply doing our best to make clients feel heard, understood and supported. But, customer service representatives (CSRs) in the traditional sense typically are at the front line fielding the brunt of criticisms. Add to the mix a world-historical pandemic resulting in raw material shortages and port congestion, and suddenly “smiling with your voice” just got a lot harder.

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