Mark Andy Recieves Technical Innovation Award
May 24, 2006

On April 30, St. Louis-based Mark Andy, a manufacturer of narrow web printing equipment, was awarded the 2006 FTA Technical Innovation Award for its innovation and solutions supporting RFID. The company has invested numerous hours and capital financial dollars in pursuing the solutions a converter will need in order to be successful and highly competitive in the RFID market. Mark Andy offers successful options by incorporating RFID manufacturing, insertion and verification technologies inline on its narrow web printing and converting equipment. Areas of expertise include RFID tag and transponder technology, reading and writing devices, antenna and radio-wave technologies, quality and damage control,

RFID Technology
May 1, 2006

Various ultra high frequency RFID antenna designs courtesy of Tapecon

Back to the Future
May 1, 2006

the future often conjures up images of a Jetson-like universe complete with robots and spaceship vehicles that fold into suitcases. While this lifestyle is light-years away, great strides are in fact being made to take us to a society where washing machines instruct their owners to remove a silk garment accidentally tossed in with the wool sweaters. And, perhaps in 20 years, refrigerators might even print out our grocery lists. To think, these are just some of the ideas that radio frequency identification (RFID) experts are currently working on to make a reality. In its recent study, “RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2006-2016,” IDTechEx