American Loose Leaf

Get the Show on the Road
October 1, 2006

Industry veterans will probably remember the names Paul Mendelson, Horace Klafter and Art Shapiro, and those of their respective companies: American Loose Leaf Binder Company, Normandy Label and OCR Tax Systems. What they may not know, is these men were the creative geniuses and logistical wizards responsible for establishing and running the forms distributor’s road shows more than 30 years ago. The idea was hatched in a St. Louis airport restaurant when Mendelson discussed with Klafter a more effective way of reaching out to distributors and educating them about various product lines. Six months later, fliers were printed, mailings were sent to distributors and sixteen

American Loose Leaf Releases 2004 Product Catalog
April 20, 2004

American Loose Leaf, St. Louis, recently released its 2004 product catalog titled The Presentation Solution. The catalog features a wide variety of products, including showcase, entrapment, polyethylene, vinyl, paper and turned-edge binders, stock and custom paper, polyethylene index tabs, vinyl pad holders and portfolios, and presentation folders and kits. For more information, call (800) 467-7000, ext. 510, or visit

New Catalog from American Loose Leaf
March 9, 2004

St. Louis-based American Loose Leaf has recently released "The Presentation Solution"--its 2004 product catalog. The catalog features showcase, entrapment, polyethylene, vinyl, paper and turned-edge binders; stock and custom paper; polyethylene index tabs; vinyl pad holders; vinyl portfolios; and presentation kits. For more information, call (800) 467-7000 x 510 or visit

American Loose Leaf Creates Blind Web Site
November 25, 2003

American Loose Leaf, St. Louis, is proud to offer its customers —a new blind Web site that offers a catalog of its products. With just a click of the mouse, users can acquire retail pricing for American Loose Leaf's ring binders, presentation folders, indexes, pad holders, vinyl portfolios and presentation kits. Seasonal products will be highlighted on the site's "featured items" section. Other key information for distributors available on the Web site includes tips on how to sell presentation products in different industries and how to satisfy customer needs.