Cascades Fine Papers Group

Exceeding Expectations
April 1, 2013

Nearly three years have passed since the Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) joined forces with management firm SmithBucklin and relocated its headquarters from Alexandria, Va., to Chicago. Now the PSDA is making bold moves once again.

Show Off the Goods
December 1, 2012

Many businesses know the value of visual marketing to potential customers—visuals highlight a product’s functionality, aesthetics and especially potential. So the stage is set, the curtain is up and it’s time for a product exhibition. Here, companies give examples of new products, best sellers or items they are proud to showcase.

Oh Paper, Where Art Thou?
September 1, 2010

It's been there for you for thousands of years.

It is portable, consistent and offers its users an undeniable level of security despite its reputation for being the number one killer of trees. Even with the invention of cell phones and the Internet, paper has proven itself as a versatile and effective form of communication.

Environmentally Friendly Coloured Paper from Cascades
April 29, 2008

Cascades Fine Papers Group—a Canadian leader in environmental and security fine papers manufacturing located in Quebec—announced the Rockland line of colored paper now contains up to 100 percent recycled fibre. It is a wise choice for all sorts of applications, such as brochures, annual reports, postings and stationery. Said Normand Lecours, vice president, sales and marketing, “This improvement is a natural step for Cascades. We can do better than the industry standards by manufacturing paper with less impact on the environment. This allows us to reduce even more our environmental footprint and that of our clients. It is with that in mind that