Lewis Color

Top 100 Manufacturers Chart
October 1, 2007

1 Ennis Headquarters: Midlothian, Texas Annual Sales $(000): 584,713 Principal Officer(s): Keith Walters, Chairman, President, CEO Employees: 6,200 Locations: 44 2 Champion Industries Headquarters: Huntington, W. Va. Annual Sales $(000): 145,188 Principal Officer(s): Marshall T. Reynolds, CEO Employees: 740 Locations: 22 3 Western States Envelope & Label Headquarters: Butler, Wis. Annual Sales $(000): 117,900 Principal Officer(s): Mark S. Lemberger, President Employees: 731 Locations: 5 4 Printegra Headquarters: Peachtree City, Ga. Annual

Top Commercial Print Manufacturers
October 1, 2007

1 Ennis Headquarters: Midlothian, Texas Commercial Printing Sales $(000): 58,471 Total Sales $(000): 584,713 2 Champion Industries Headquarters: Huntington, W. Va. Commercial Printing Sales $(000): 43,556 Total Sales $(000): 145,188 3 B&D Litho Headquarters: Phoenix Commercial Printing Sales $(000): 14,333 Total Sales $(000): 43,433 4 Team Concept Printing & Thermography Headquarters: Carol Stream, Ill. Commercial Printing Sales $(000): 6,051 Total Sales $(000): 9,605 5 Lewis Color Headquarters: Statesboro, Ga. Commercial Printing Sales $(000): 5,625 Total

When it’s got to be Good
August 1, 2007

Ask 10 different people to define commercial printing and you’ll get 10 different answers. One thing, however, is a given—whether it’s a glossy, high-color poster on a rich substrate, a black-and-white owner’s manual on uncoated stock or a business card with a PMS logo, the job must be done perfectly and delivered on time. Considering various prepress services, including design (in some cases), the actual printing, finishing options and fulfillment services, there are plenty of opportunities for manufacturers and distributors to demonstrate their talents and skills, proving their value to customers. One-stop-shop trends are making it more and more likely that distributors will be

Top Commercial Print Suppliers
October 1, 2006

Rank: 1 Company: Ennis, Midlothian, Texas Commercial Print Sales $(000): 57,338 Total Sales $(000): 559,397 Rank: 2 Company: Champion Industries, Huntington, W. Va. Commercial Print Sales $(000): 54,000 Total Sales $(000): 135,000 Rank: 3 Company: Nieman Printing, Dallas Commercial Print Sales $(000): 16,417 Total Sales $(000): 22,185 Rank: 4 Company: RiteMade Paper Converters, Kansas City, Mo. Commercial Print Sales $(000): 12,000 Total Sales $(000): 40,000 Rank: 5 Company: Acculink, Greenville, N.C. Commercial Print Sales $(000): 10,068 Total Sales $(000): 10,598 Rank: 6 Company: The F.P. Horak Co., Bay City, Mich. Commercial Print Sales $(000): 7,000 Total Sales $(000): 20,000

Pave a Smooth Path For PrePress
October 1, 2005

Understanding file, font and color separation issues is essential for successful commercial printing projects COMMERCIAL printing used to be a scary term for many distributors, who shied away from learning its intricacies as long as margins on business forms were good. But, according to a BFL&S survey conducted in 2004, distributors now report that 21.5 percent of their sales are in commercial printing, and that they have begun to learn the argot of bleeds, trapping, fonts, graphics, tiff, eps, pict, RGB and CMYK. With computers now handling the job of traditional typsetters and graphic artists, "Putting ink on paper is still