Nashua Corporation

November 1, 2009

News briefs on awards, promotions, new hires and other achievements among members of the printed products distribution community, including items on Deborah Snider, e-LYNXX; Theresa Ann McConnell; Don Grahnolm of GPA; and Sam Triplett of ASM.

What's Hot with Thermal Labels?
March 20, 2003

In-house decisions regarding thermal labels are application-driven. With enhancements to thermal response, environmental barriers and raw stock precoats, IBM is taking thermal coatings into markets that have been limited to other archival media," said Gary Lorgan, business line executive for supplies. That's not the only innovative move IBM Printing Systems is making these days, however. They have recently licensed Nashua Corporation, Nashua, N.H., to manufacture and distribute IBM Brand Thermal Labels throughout North America. "Nashua supports IBM Brand Thermal labels for printhead life and application integrity," said Lorgan. Upholding IBM's application integrity is no small feat. When it comes to converting thermal labels, IBM