Mike Weinzierl

Distributorships discuss compensation for sales staff and thoughts on recruitment and retention. BFL&S spoke with the owners of the following distributorships regarding their compensation plans, as well as a variety of factors involved in developing an effective team: • Midwest Single Source, Wichita, Kan., John Osborne, president and CEO • Professional Graphic Communications, Sewickley, Pa., Mike Weinzierl, president • S.W.M. Printing & Promotions, St. Louis, Mo., John Sanders, president, CEO • Venture Corporation, Lewis-ville, Texas, Gary Dunlap, president Not surprising, all of the contributors reported that their sales professionals earn a commission on their sales. At Professional Graphic Communications, there are four inside sales reps,

Suppliers offer product suggestions and production advice for better returns on direct mail investments. Except for commercial printing, direct mail probably takes more of distributors' time and energy than any other type of sell. Linc Spaulding, president of Sheppard Envelope, Auburn, Mass., and Mike Weinzierl, president of Sewickley, Pennsylvania-based Professional Graphic Communications, shared tips to help make it all worthwhile for everyone along the value chain. Return to Sender For instance, Spaudling discussed his company's two-way Boomerang mailing system—a low-cost, environmentally friendly product that dramatically reduces paper usage while stimulating high recipient response rates. Spaudling pointed out that "most successful direct mail campaigns

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