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As printer technology advances, label applications increase By Stacey Wenzel As businesses update their computers and printers to replace obsolete equipment and meet changing needs, they are no longer turning to the impact printer. Offering a boost in speed and better resolution, laser printers have become an increasingly popular choice. As a result, there has been a redesign in labels to accommodate the enhanced equipment, increasing the opportunity for new sales. "Initially, computer continuous labels were modified in design for laser printer use," said Mark Newell, general manager of Wilsonville, Oregon-based Micro Design. "Now, the labels are specifically designed for laser printers." He noted one application that has grown

Presentation folders and binders help provide a complete marketing solution By Stacey Wenzel Whoever said looks aren't everything must not have been trying to promote a positive corporate image, make an important presentation or distribute pertinent data. Reaching just about any market imaginable, presentation folders and binders are a creative component to packaging information that can make a lasting impression on both customers and employees. Jenno Morson, sales manager for San Francisco-based Advertising Binder Company, explained that binders account for approximately 40 percent of the company's business, while folders comprise nearly 10 percent. The remaining revenue comes from related products, including tabs and

Combining a form and label solves a problem, adds value By Stacey Wenzel With end-users expressing an increasing desire to print documents in the office, the integrated label is becoming a popular value-added solution. The product's streamlined construction minimizes the thickness of the label, allowing it to easily pass through a printer. This flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of applications and markets. "We are starting to build integrated labels into other products, like thermal-transfer forms, multi-part cut sheets—with one part being an integrated label—and plow-folded envelopes with forms and integrated labels," said Daryl Roller, CFC, vice president of national sales for Ward/Kraft, Fort Scott, Kan. "We

Knowing the basics of color can help expand solutions By Stacey Wenzel When customers are looking to get a reaction from their printed product, one persuasive technique is the use of color. Whether it's a direct mail piece or a company logo, color can make quite an impact--and knowing the basics can be a big advantage when selling it. Industry professionals advise first understanding the difference between flat, or spot color and four-color process. "Determining what type of color to use really depends on the specific job," said Tracy Dennis, sales manager for Newtown, Pa.-based Newtown/CPC. "Flat and process color each have a

Don't Fight the Future Distributors are riding the wave of a changing industry By Carol A. Katarsky The times they are a-changin'. More so than ever before, distributors are facing a topsy-turvy industry. Mergers and acquisitions--among both suppliers and distributors--continue to bring new dimensions to once-familiar companies. The blurring of boundaries be-tween the manufacturing and distribution segments has changed the dynamics of the industry. And this activity isn't going to end soon. A Slow But Steady Climb With a maturing market and a slowing economy, manufacturers face a rocky road in '99 By Stacey Wenzel The forms industry saw quite a bit of change in 1998. Acquisitions and mergers became commonplace for manufacturers.

Weather- and water-resistant labels withstand harsh elements By Stacey Wenzel You wouldn't dare go to the beach without sunscreen, would you? Or brave winter's snow and cold temperatures without wearing a hat and gloves? We all know that we need to protect ourselves from such extreme elements. The same holds true for labels. If a label can't survive harsh conditions, then it can't perform its job properly. However, with the right protection, labels can withstand some of the most demanding environments. According to Carl Gerlach, director of marketing for Shawnee Mission, Kan.-based Gill Studios, the outdoor durability of a label or decal typically

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