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Making an Automatic Impact in the Automotive World
March 28, 2017 at 3:02 pm

Everyone in the automotive world needs an undeniably strong competitive and creative will to make a lasting difference. Sales figures may be the best means to measure that determination, and with 2016 marking the seventh-straight year of sales gains for new cars and light trucks, distributors could play an equally huge part in heightening future sales tallies and should definitely look to be more inventive with promotional product ideas that lead to more lucrative transactions...

Who Has Your Vote?
February 1, 2014

If House of Cards has taught us anything, it is that political campaigns can't start too early and never really end. (And that Kevin Spacey should narrate everyone's lives.)

Crossing Over
September 1, 2013

Whether you’re a seasoned distributor or new to the industry, the idea of combining print and promotional products can be intimidating. There are major differences between a label and a lanyard, a business card and a cardigan, and expertise in one doesn’t translate to the other, right?

California Dreaming
May 1, 2013

Distributors, mark your calendars. The Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC), the Southern California region's nonprofit association, will host The 2013 SAAC Show on Aug. 7-8 in Long Beach, Calif.

Exceeding Expectations
April 1, 2013

Nearly three years have passed since the Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) joined forces with management firm SmithBucklin and relocated its headquarters from Alexandria, Va., to Chicago. Now the PSDA is making bold moves once again.

What a Long,
 Strange Trip it’s Been
June 1, 2012

Much has happened in the real 
estate market since December 2008—record foreclosures, record-low mortgage rates and bottomed-out home values to name a few things.

Show and Tell
December 1, 2011

Every business knows it's better to not just tell potential customers about your products, but to show them

Top 50 Promotional Products Suppliers
August 1, 2011

Promo Marketing, a sister publication of Print Professional, has compiled a new Top 50 Suppliers ranking. Despite stricter regulations on the safety and sales of promotional products, 2010 and the first half of 2011 have shown a sales resurgence in the industry. The returning fiscal strength of the industry is evident from the list, which is based on revenue numbers from 2010. Overall, the top 50 suppliers raked in more than $500 million more than they did in 2009. These companies have increased their margins, upped the interest in their products and committed themselves to making it through the financial crises stronger than before, and they are being rewarded for it.

Save Your Calendar Promotions
August 1, 2011

Low-tech. Boring. Unsexy. Woefully utilitarian. As promotional items, calendars might seem about as interesting as a sixth-grade play on the metric system (about two hours too long and as exciting as repeatedly listening to a small, affectless human dully counting to 30). Repeated counting to 30 aside, thankfully the boring reputation of calendars is more myth than fact.