Nichole Stella is group president/publishing director of Promo Marketing Media Group, which consists of Print+Promo, Promo Marketing and NonProfitPro.

The King Organization, Mt. Vernon, N.Y., will become part of Century Direct, LLC, Long Island City, N.Y., in a move that will enable customers of both companies to benefit from a more comprehensive line of direct marketing service offerings.

The recent wave of suicides at the Foxconn manufacturing plant in China have served as an eye opener for many to what life is like living in a factory culture. Proposed wage increases across Chinese factories, have created a dialogue here in the United States, voicing concerns about manufacturing practices, what wage increases will mean in terms of product costs, the impact it will have on our economy and bottom-line American companies profit margins. While the changes that are happening in China will impact our wallets, there is a positive shift occurring within the Asian factory working class.

Have you ever been bored by a PowerPoint presentation? Of course you have – it’s an endless succession of bullet points, cheesy graphics and lame special effects. And the presenter regurgitates everything that’s on a slide you’ve already read. Let’s call PowerPoint what it really is—corporate karaoke. We endure it even though it bores audiences, trivializes content and pushes speakers to the side of the stage where they interact with their slides instead of the audience. More and more people have come to equate giving a presentation with using PowerPoint. But PowerPoint, even when used well, should be used sparingly. PowerPoint addresses what

Providing value-added products like form/label combinations involves product knowledge and a greater time investment. The '90s ushered in some amazing developments in affixing and integrating equipment along with ongoing advancements in materials and adhesives. The upshot is a dynamic crop of time-, efficiency- and accuracy-enhancing combination products such as form/label combinations. Clearly today's sophisticated business operations are well served by such innovation. However, as Judy Miller, label project manager for Vandalia, Ohio-based PrintGraphics observed, these products are best marketed through solution-selling, which requires up-to-date product knowledge and additional sell time. Offered Miller, "There are two types of salespeople: those who quote orders that essentially

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