Mark Andy

The NorthEast Label Manufacturers Association (NELMA) will hold its 5th Annual Expo and Networking Conference on Thursday, May 10th, at the Bridgewater Marriott in Bridgewater, N. J. The event will run from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and attendance is free for up to two representatives from each company. More than 38 key suppliers—including Rotoflex, Aquaflex and Mark Andy—will be exhibiting products and services for the label printing industry during the table-top show. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to go to fascinating seminars delivered by recognized experts, designed to offer instant benefits to virtually any label-producing company. NELMA is a 12-year-old organization whose events

At the Graphics of the Americas show later this month, Prime UV Systems, Carol Stream, Ill., will introduce four new products: a MiniScan 3C for Narrow Web Converters, a Sheetfed UV Coating System, an Easy Scan Portable UV Lamp System and Maximum Speed UV Dryers for Preprint Linerboard and Multi-Wall Bags. 1. The Prime UV MiniScan 3C features an easy-to-install interstation on all new or existing narrow web and label presses, including Aquaflex, PCMC, Propheteer, Mark Andy, Comco and Allied Gear. It offers high-speed curing of UV abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant inks and coatings. Its high-power air cooling provides an effective low-heat cure, which results in

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