Digital Printing

Environmental Paper Network Unveils Path for Sustainability and Social Responsibility
June 17, 2014

Starting today, more than 100 civil society groups including World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will be promoting a Global Paper Vision that addresses climate change, human rights and new expectations for corporate transparency.

The vision is the product of more than a year's consultations under the umbrella of the Environmental Paper Network. A key launch activity for the vision is a global conversation about how paper can present powerful opportunities to protect our air, water, forests, climate and communities, under the Twitter hashtag #whatsinyourpaper.

2014's Technology Trends
January 1, 2014

Technology. As Homer Simpson would say, "The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

It can be strange to think about how much our work lives hinge on technology. A crashed computer, a lost smartphone, a hacked website—all can derail your business for days, if not longer.

Midwest Single Source Increasing Digital Printing Capacity with $1M Equipment Upgrade
December 17, 2013

Midwest Single Source has made a $1 million investment to upgrade its printing equipment, and is looking to expand its digital services along with it.

The Wichita, Kansas-based printing company recently had its new Xerox iGen4 printer installed, and employees have been training on how to use it, according to Kevin Ulwelling, Midwest's president. 

The company also has added two full-time positions in production and rearranged some other positions to be able to accommodate anticipated production increases.

Seattle Digital Printer RPI Buys Atlanta Company DPI
May 7, 2013

RPI, a digital-image printing company in Seattle, is announcing Wednesday its purchase of DPI in Atlanta for an undisclosed amount.

DPI specializes in personalized web-to-print products for large companies and has 27 employees. RPI chief executive Rick Bellamy said the purchase will expand RPI's reach to the East Coast, reduce shipping costs and waits and expand its personalized-print products.

Started as a family-owned commercial printer in 1979, RPI creates the personalized-photo books and greeting cards consumers order online from photo sharing and printing companies.

The small but rapidly growing market for digital-photo merchandise is worth an estimated $2 billion.

The Digital Discussion
May 1, 2013

Digital print has been around for two decades, but it's still a newcomer relative to other printing methods. As such, digital print providers keep on innovating, pushing the limits of their technology to fulfill changing customer needs.

Is the GPO a Digital Printer or a Digital Publisher?
March 5, 2013

The tension between the Government Printing Office's traditional role as a printing operation and its future as a publisher of digital government information was apparent at a meeting of the House Appropriations Committee's Legislative Branch Subcommittee last week.

In her testimony, acting Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks stressed the GPO's efforts to transition to the digital age and acknowledged that the agency's role has evolved to that of a publishing operation. Unfortunately, the GPO has often failed to take steps that would allow it to fully embrace that role and ensure its future as an essential source of information.

Quinn Flags Moves to Larger Facility, Purchases New Equipment
March 1, 2013

Quinn Flags, a supplier and manufacturer of USA-made flags and accessories based in Hanover, Pa., recently purchased a second building. The company completed the move to the new location at 581 West Chestnut Street in Hanover, Pa. on Feb. 14, 2013.