Top 100 Distributors
November 1, 2006

Rank: 1 Company: WorkflowOne, Dayton, Ohio Sales $(000): 1,000,000 Principal Officer(s): Greg Mosher, Chairman, CEO Locations: 150 Rank: 2 Company: Proforma, Cleveland Sales $(000): 293,000 Principal Officer(s): Greg Muzzillo, Founder, Co-CEO; Vera Muzzillo, Co-CEO Locations: 650 Rank: 3 Company: American Solutions for Business, Glenwood, Minn. Sales $(000): 239,776 Principal Officer(s): Larry Zavadil, President Locations: 410 Rank: 4 Company: GBS, North Canton, Ohio Sales $(000): 90,143 Principal Officer(s): Eugene Calabria, President, CEO Locations: 12 Rank: 5 Company: Merrill Corp., Monroe, Wash. Sales $(000): 83,950 Principal Officer(s): Mark Rossi, President Locations: 6 Rank: 6 Company: The Shamrock Companies, Westlake, Ohio Sales

Keep the Web on a Personal Level
May 1, 2003

Distributors discuss how to profit from Web strategies without losing sight of the importance of their personal relationships with clients. There is one common thread shared among distributors when it comes to their Web sites. Regardless of whether a site is managed in-house, is outsourced, is in the process of being developed or is well-established, distributors are adamant that e-commerce does not take away from cultivating lasting relationships with customers. Distributors agree that the Internet continues to be a highly effective business strategy in the forms industry. From making their site more interactive with Web-based forms for tracking inventory, to promoting their site

Follow Government Orders
July 20, 2000

Although often time-consuming and sometimes difficult, government accounts can be well worth the extra effort. By Janet R. Gross Government and paperwork. The two seem to go hand in hand—and someone has to supply all those forms and documents. Although many government jobs must be bid, making account loyalty uncertain, such customers are still courted by some distributors. Reno, Nevada-based Intraform services Nevada's workmens compensation department. According to President Doug Clary, the state's threshold for competitive bids is $12,000. "That's a pretty good printing order," Clary noted. "There's a lot of printing under that amount." Department heads want to avoid the state's cumbersome purchasing process when they can, Clary

In for the the Long Haul
April 20, 2000

Distributors find ample opportunity in the transportation industry By Jamie Heckelman When Greg Marks, a senior account manager with Phoenix-based Intraform, approached the forms department of one of the country's largest publicly-traded transportation companies a year and a half ago, he encountered flat-out rejection. "They said they would never give their forms and label business to a distributor," Marks recalled, explaining that the company, Swift Transportation, had been purchasing all of its forms and labels from a major direct. "We said, ‘Yes you will.' And today, we have a great relationship." In fact, Marks firmly believes that the transportation industry offers great opportunities for forms distributors. "If I