Crystal Lake

NAPL/NAQP will present 2010 PrintImage Excellence Awards to 20 U.S. printers from across the nation at the annual Association Awards Luncheon on Oct. 1  in Chicago.

This year, Stephen Fossler Company, Crystal Lake, Ill., which has manufactured and supplied foil-embossed anniversary seals to businesses since 1970, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. "As we celebrate this milestone, I would like to thank all of our customers," said Dave Matts, director of customer service. "Every day, we get to be a part of their success, and we have seen first-hand that reminding consumers of years of success can build brand recognition and confidence in our customers' products." Stephen Fossler Company also offers customized seals in three foil colors and weights, as well as 16 Fossler ink colors and a PMS color

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