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The Dayton city commission on Wednesday approved a $1 million development agreement with Taylor Communications—formerly Standard Register Co.—to help fund the renovation of the underutilized downtown building at 111 W. First St., the company’s new home come October...

A federal judge in Ohio has temporarily stopped Eastman Kodak Co. from charging different prices for refurbishing a piece of printing equipment depending on whether those customers use Kodak-made ink or a competitor's.

Collins Inkjet Corp. of Ohio sued Kodak in September, alleging the Rochester printing technology company was unfairly trying to claim all the Versamark ink business by telling users of the Kodak-made printing press line that getting printheads refurbished would cost more if they used non-Kodak inks.

Acucote Inc., a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive products, recently hired Dan

O'Connell as vice president. O'Connell brings more than 30 years of sales, marketing and operational management experience in the pressure-sensitive label stock industry to his new role.

A fatal accident at Cheney Pulp and Paper in Franklin last week has spurred a new investigation into the 75-year-old business.

OSHA’s current investigation into Cheney is related to the accidental death of employee Terry Ray, 48, who was killed Tuesday when he was crushed by equipment.

The OSHA investigation may take two to three months according to OSHA’s Cincinnati Area Director Bill Wilkerson, who said, “It’s a long process.” The organization’s Cincinnati office handles a 20 county area and sees around 10 fatal workplace accidents per year, according to Burke’s estimation.

The White House is looking to 3D printing as a means of both revolutionizing the American manufacturing industry, and also saving the states money.

The Administration is setting aside $200 million for a public-private initiative that will see three new advanced manufacturing centers built around the country, with universities and corporations bidding to host these centers.

The centers will be modeled on a 3D printing institute that was launched in Ohio last year, with funding support by the White House.

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