Print+Promo Marketing 2022: From Deal Makers to Change Makers, Meet 14 Women Leaving Their Mark On the Print and Promo Sector

In recent years, women have made enormous strides in the workplace, bringing their own unique skills and perspectives to the job. We are seeing more of them in the C-suite. There is also growing awareness around pay disparities (especially pertaining to women of color). But the pandemic exposed systemic weaknesses that still exist. Lack of childcare, for example. According to a report from the Center for American Progress, women lost a net of 5.4 million jobs during COVID, in comparison to the 4.4 million lost by men.

These issues are an important part of our history — and our present, for that matter. Today, though, we want to celebrate. There are plenty reasons to do so right here in our own industry. Please join us in honoring the contributions of the 14 women showcased in our ninth annual “Women in Print and Promo” feature.

As readers will note, the 2022 list highlights women of varying professional backgrounds — from sales representatives to CEOs. Their passion for empowering others, including the next generation of women, is just one of many things that unite them. We asked each of them to tell us about their experiences, what they’ve learned and where they find inspiration. Read on for their introspective takes.