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How Brexit Could Affect the Promotional Products Industry

Just less than a week after voters shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union, we're starting to see economic ripples all across the world. Though U.K. will feel the majority of the impact from the referendum, folks in the U.S. still will see some changes as a result of the vote. After the results came in, the global stock market became more volatile...

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Coca-Cola, Dove, McDonald’s—what do these big-name brands have in common? They are the masters of feel-good marketing campaigns. From #MakeItHappy and #SpeakBeautiful to “Pay With Lovin’,” consumers watched these household names attempt to make the world a happier place throughout 2015. Money may have been the end-goal here, but the added perk of happiness positioned Coca-Cola, Dove and McDonald’s for greater engagement with their target markets, particularly the millennial demographic...

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