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QR Code Menus: The Touchless Revolution In Restaurants and Hospitality

For restaurants during the pandemic, regulations against indoor dining have been a huge hurdle to overcome. Once restaurants were allowed to serve people sitting at outdoor tables, they had to do things differently still. There was a greater need for PPE for workers who previously didn’t need it. There was a need for hand sanitizer on a large scale. And the way...

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Print+Promo 2020: Exceptional times call for exceptional customer service, and these 14 CSRs are delivering

Working efficiently, smiling with your voice and giving attentive post-order follow-up can go a long way in the customer service field. Not everyone has these skills, and it can be costly to your business if you invest in the wrong people. Add to the mix the worst global pandemic in over a century—which has led to the viral shutdown of multiple economies, mass furloughs and stressed out customers—and now you’re really testing the superhuman patience of a customer service representative. Fortunately, this year’s collection of standout CSRs are up for the challenge...

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