Sewickley, Pa.

Elise Hacking Carr is editor-in-chief/content director for Print+Promo magazine.

Earlier this year, Print+Promo caught up with Dr. Ronnie H. Davis and his team at the Printing Industries of America (PIA), Sewickley, Pa., to discuss their findings on the current state of the industry.

Printing Industries of America (PIA), Sewickley, Pa., recently attended a White House event to announce major progress on a series of initiatives launched last year to combat "patent trolls" and abusive patent litigation. Michael Makin, president and CEO of PIA, accepted the invitation extended to the association by National Economic Council director Gene Sperling and secretary of commerce Penny Pritzker. Makin was represented at the event by Lisbeth A. Lyons, PIA's vice president of government affairs.

The big wheel of business has turned a million times over since Johannes Gutenberg spearheaded the printing movement. Many recognized opportunity and seized it. 

Headquartered in Sewickley, Pa., Printing Industries of America (PIA) has welcomed Inez Tenenbaum as chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

When addressing attendees at the Sustainability in Printing conference held at the Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia last June, Gary Jones, director of environmental, health and safety affairs for The Printing Industries of America, Sewickley, Pa., stressed there would be a culture change going forward. Instead of a policy, he cautioned, businesses of all sizes will need a formal management system, along with continuous improvement measures, put into place.

Headquartered in Sewickley, Pa., PIA/GATF has released it latest title. “Glossary of Graphic Communications, Fourth Edition” is a compendium of the terms and concepts intrinsic to the industry. As the scope of printing is continuously and rapidly evolving, it is important to keep up to date with the latest terms and definitions. The Glossary includes 3,500 more terms than its previous iteration, and adds to it the latest vocabulary pertinent to the industry. In addition to traditional prepress, press, and production terminology, the comprehensive guide contains expanded vocabulary in the following areas: • Environment, health, and safety • Internet technology • Lean manufacturing

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