Wilmington, Del.

An annual Wilmington, Del. business event focused on stimulating economic opportunities and growth for small, women, veteran and minority-owned businesses has recognized one of Ennis’ partners.

DuPont Nonwovens, Wilmington, Del., has introduced Tyvek Plus envelope substrate, which features an absorbent surface and a stiffer sheet structure, enabling improved print quality and ease of handling. Tyvek Plus offers the same qualities of traditional Tyvek strength—lightweight and durability—but is designed for ink jet printing of barcodes and other variable information printing. It also offers excellent results with offset litho and flexographic printing, producing high resolution and rich, bold colors. The improved surface characteristics and stiffer sheet structure of Tyvek Plus make envelopes easier to handle in both automated and manual processes. For printers, the benefits of Tyvek Plus extend well beyond enhanced

Headquartered in Wilmington, Del., DuPont’s Tyvek—a nonwoven material offering barrier protection, durability and breathability—celebrated its 40th anniversary. Combining the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric, demand for Tyvek’s high-performance protection continues to be strong. Introduced in 1967, Tyvek is 100 percent recyclable, and has unique qualities that serve diverse industries. The most commonly known application is DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap, but Tyvek is also used in protective garments, envelopes, tags and labels, indoor and outdoor signs and banners, sterile medical and industrial packaging, bags, maps and car covers. For more information, visit www.tyvek.com.

EnvelopeAmerica, New Castle, Del., recently celebrated its first anniversary. Last August, company president Mark Monahan acquired Cornell Envelope of Wilmington, Del., through an asset purchase agreement. Since moving the company to its current facility and investing in three Halm Jet Offset presses, including a four-color press, the company has doubled its business. For more information, call (866) 778-0220 or visit www.envelopeamerica.com.

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