Tony Heinl

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Take a stroll through any grocery store or retail outlet, and an empirical truth shines down like a beacon of light through the clouds. A quality tag or label can sell itself by becoming a product in and of itself, in some cases upstaging the commodity it was designed to hawk. A beautiful, well-designed and innovative tag or label is a magnet to consumers, often obfuscating the selection process while rendering another tag...

“There are plenty of fish in the sea” is a comforting sentiment in theory. But, when we stop to think about it, weeding through the sheer volume of “fish in the sea” to find the right match is a little overwhelming. Sometimes the tags and labels market feels that way, too...

The big wheel of business has turned a million times over since Johannes Gutenberg spearheaded the printing movement. Many recognized opportunity and seized it. 

What do the labels and tags industry and Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruettiger (of Rudy fame) have in common? If you said, "neither is a very good football player," you'd technically be correct, but that's not the answer we had in mind.

Tipp City, Ohio-based Repacorp, Inc. has purchased a new Jetrion 4900, which streamlines short-run label runs, increasing efficiency and providing more competitive pricing to distributors.

Think of Rick Heinl, president of Tipp City, Ohio-based Repacorp, as a kinder, gentler daddy dearest type.

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