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Circle Graphics, the world's largest producer of grand-format digital graphics, recently announced the acquisition of Mammoth Media, a grand-format printing company with a focus on the transit market. 

It's hard to disassociate 1960s advertising from AMC's hit series "Mad Men." But long before Don Draper hit the scene, Darrin Stephens and the cast of "Bewitched" worked their magic on television viewers across the country. For Douglas Ritter, president of Dallas-based marketing solutions firm USFI, the show was more than just a source of casual entertainment—it was the spark that ignited his professional future.

Multi Packaging Solutions Inc. plans to close its printing facility in Terre Haute by the end of the year, terminating about 150 employees.

Based in New York City, MPS acquired the printing facility in 2009 from competitor Ivy Hill Corp. It produces a variety of printing and packaging products for the audio and video media markets.


In my neighborhood there is a wonderful small pub nestled on the corner right across the street from the only commercial shop in town, the General Store. It has an old-world feel about it and is a favorite haunt of many of the area’s top CEOs, hedge fund managers, attorneys, doctors and dentists, etc.

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